Humour: 17 traits to spot Faroese people


  1. They live with their parents until they are at least 22 years old.
  2. When they cook for four people, it needs to satisfy the hunger of at least 15 people.
  3. Their luggage is the largest at the airport. And they will most likely carry two pieces of luggage onto the plane.
  4. They arrive one or two hours late at the party and think it is customary behavior.
  5. Their last name ends with -sen.
  6. They chit-chat at least one hour after they have announced they are going home.
  7. They use plastic grocery bags as their trashcan bag.
  8. Their parents own sheep.
  9. When they get married, at least 400 guests show up at their wedding.
  10. They receive their driver’s license no later than one day after they have turned 18.
  11. Their dads carry enough cash to buy a used car.
  12. They dress up when they go traveling.
  13. If the food reaches the bottom of the plate, there is not enough sauce – more sauce is needed.
  14. They do not understand why South Europeans spend so much time by the ocean.
  15. Bar fights are settled with arm wrestling.
  16. If there are no potatoes on the plate, it does not count as dinner.
  17. They remember the names of their grandparents and cousins – as well as their birthdays.

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