Huawei: We cannot spy or turn off the network

Image credits: EPA
Image credits: EPA

Huawei would rather close its doors than do the bidding of the Chinese or any other government, says Kenneth Frederiksen, CEO of Huawei Sweden in an interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Danmarks Radio).

– We are unable to make any changes to the network, and we would never do so on the orders of any government, says Mr. Fredriksen.

The CEO denies the allegations of the US ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands, who has warned the Faroese against using Huawei. According to the abassador, Huawei could use their technology to carry out espionage and even turn off the 5G network, if ordered to do so by the Chinese government.

– This is false. How can we, as the provider of the equipment, do so? We don’t have access to the networks. We provide equipment for our clientele to use and maintain. We are not the ones handling their networks, Mr. Fredriksen says.

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