‘Heimablídni’ on UN list for sustainable tourism

One of main reasons people travel is to get in touch with locals. A second reason is to try the local cuisine. ‘Heimablídni’, translated directly as ‘home hospitality’, is a concept that combines these two incentives. All across the Faroe Islands, people can enjoy authentic and intimate dining experiences in the homes of locals.

‘Heimablídni’ has been added to the UN’s Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) list, which is a part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The SCP focuses on initiatives that distinguish between economic growth and the erosion of the environment, and instead use a ring-economic process that takes into account all stages of the use of resources with the aim of doing more and better for less.

One of the first people to offer ‘heimablídni’ in the Faroe Islands were farmers from Velbastaður, Anna and Óli Rubeksen. They emphasise the importance of serving sustainable food from their own farm.

“We didn’t consciously intend to be sustainable,” says Óli. “It happened naturally. But the longer we have been in this, the more conscious we have become about being sustainable. For example, we feel it is more sustainable to eat beef from our neighbour’s cow than to buy beef in a supermarket. The fact that we can show our guests where their food comes from by pointing to our neighbour’s farm is part of the ‘heimablídni’ story.”

Anna adds: “We use as many of our own resources as possible. If we don’t have them, we buy from Faroese farms or companies. It’s important for us to support the local food community. Sometimes, we trade food with other food producers without any monetary transaction taking place. We are proud to play a part in continuing this ancient tradition.”

Read more about ‘heimablídni’ and how to book here.

Words: Levi Hanssen
Pic: Høgni Heinesen

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