Guide to Faroe Islands offers over 100 tourist activities

Tourists can now choose between more than 100 different guided tours in the Faroe Islands using the Faroese booking portal, Guide to Faroe Islands.

With an increase of around 10 percent in visitors annually for the last five years, tourism has seen a steady development in the North Atlantic archipelago. This has meant a greater demand for guided tours and activities.

Guide to Faroe Islands work with more than 30 different Faroese tour operators and guides. The tours include hiking and fishing tours, cultural events and culinary experiences.

Guide to Faroe Islands aims to work for a sustainable and well-organised tourism in the Faroe Islands that benefits people throughout the whole country.

“The idea is for others to be able to offer tourists their services and to grow enough to be able to work full-time doing this,” says Høgni Reistrup, co-founder of Guide to Faroe Islands.

Words: Levi Hanssen
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