Great Prayer Day’s coming up…and Faroe Islanders are ready for a day off from work

Tomorrow is a public holiday in the Faroe Islands.

Every 4th Friday after Easter, the three nations that make up the Danish Kingdom celebrate the Great Prayer Day – i.e. “Store bededag” in Danish, “Dýri biðidagur” in Faroese & “Tussiarfissuaq” in Greenlandic.

The Great Prayer Day is a collection of minor Christian holy days consolidated into one day. The day was introduced in the Church of Denmark in 1686 by King Christian V as a consolidation of several minor (or local) Roman Catholic holidays that had survived the Reformation of the national church.

Schools, businesses & public institutions are closed on this day – and Tórshavn City Council adds that city buses will not run tomorrow.

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However, SSL buses and ferries will run tomorrow – on a Sunday schedule, that is – and bars and restaurants will be open as normal.

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