Gender pay gap widens in the Faroe Islands

Women continue to earn less than men in the Faroe Islands and the wage gap has widened considerably over the last five years, according to the latest labor statistics.

The Faroese labour force – 27,400 workers; 14,250 male workers and 13,150 female workers – received DKK 845 million in payouts in April.

Men earned DKK 510 million in April, while women earned DKK 335 million.

In June, these numbers had changed slightly: DKK 520 million for men, compared to DKK 320 million for women.

According to Statistics Faroe Islands (Hagstova Føroya), the current gender pay gap in the Faroe Islands is 200 million, compared to 140 million in 2014.

The median monthly pay for full-time male workers was DKK 35.790 in April, while, full-time female workers’ earnings were DKK 25.475.

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