Faroese Road Authority issues warning of icy roads…for 71st time this season

Motorists were again warned of slippery conditions on the Faroese roads on Wednesday.

Average temperatures lie at around 4-5 degrees Celsius this afternoon, but this morning at around 5-6 a.m. it was even colder, and this caused icy road conditions throughout the country.

This is the 71st time this winter season (a Faroese winter season is admittedly painfully long) that Landsverk, the Faroese Road Authority, has issued a warning to drivers over slippery roads, writes Faroese news website

The first slippery roads warning this season was issued on October 26, 2018.

It is quite normal that Faroese roads can be slippery due to cold weather in late April, and even in…late May (!!).

Fun Fact: On what date was the last slippery roads warning issued, seasons 2007-2018? (Data provided by

2007 – 15 May
2008 – 15 April
2009 – 31 March
2010 – 12 May
2011 – 29 March
2012 – 18 May
2013 – 23 May
2014 – 13 April
2015 – 10 May
2016 – 28 April
2017 – 25 April
2018 – 7 April

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