Faroese MP: Travellers should pay for the testing themselves

Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen/FaroePhoto
Image credits: Ólavur Frederiksen/FaroePhoto

The mandatory COVID-19 tests, which every traveller above the age of 12 now has to get upon arrival in the Faroe Islands will be free of charge for the remainder of July.

For this, a total of 10 million DKK have now been appropriated, but according to Beinta Løwe, MP for Tjóðveldi (The Republican Party), that money should not come from the taxpayer’s pockets.

– So far, the Faroese taxpayer has to pay 10 million so travellers can get tested for COVID-19 free of charge. I have to ask, why do the Faroese have to pay for the foreign travellers coming our way?

According to Beinta Løwe, travellers who can afford to travel to the Faroe Islands can also afford to cover the cost of the testing themselves, and those 10 millions could be used elsewhere.

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