Faroese Manchester United fan: HB is my Faroese team of choice

Katrina Maria (Image credits: Mikkel Lauman)
Katrina Maria (Image credits: Mikkel Lauman)

Katrina Maria Christiansen from Tórshavn, known as a model and passionate Manchester United fan, is considering watching football from her home country, now that British football is unavailable at the moment.

The plan is for the first matches in the Faroese Betri division to be played on Saturday 9 May, and there is no better time to start watching Faroese football. And Katrina Maria Christiansen already knows which team she’ll be rooting for.

– My uncles are all big fans of HB, so I’ve always been hearing a lot about that team. HB is definitely the team I’m going to support, if I decide to watch any Faroese matches, she tells

– I really miss watching British football. It’s a really weird time. United had just gotten good again, so of course it’s sad that football had to be cancelled. I’m really looking forward to seeing United play again and I’m eagerly waiting for that to happen, she says.

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