Faroese body builder Galán regains World Championship crown

David Arge Galán from the Faroe Islands is on the top of the world.

And for good reason, after he was crowned a world champion bodybuilder in Los Angeles, California this weekend.

Mr. Galán came first in the WNBF “Pro Men’s Physique – short class” category and then went on to defeat the winner of the tall class category (i.e. “Pro Men’s Physique Class – tall class”).

Mr. Galán consequently won the “Pro Men’s Physique” category and has thus regained the world championship, report Faroese news outlets.

This is the second time Mr. Galán, a police officer from Tórshavn, has become a champion of the world. In 2015, he came first in the WNBF “Pro Men’s Physique – short class” category.

22 athletes competed this time round – 10 in short class & 12 in tall class – and as it turned out, Mr. Galán came out on top.

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