“Faroe Islands’ fish farming is the smartest in the whole wide world”

According to Suni E. Justinussen, managing director of Faroese technology company JT electric, Faroe Islands’ fish farming is the smartest in the whole wide world.

Mr. Justinussen, who has spoken to about JT’s contribution to the Faroese fish farming industry, emphasizes that Faroese producers are very ambitious and have a fervent desire to be streets ahead in terms of technology.

“The product must be outstanding. I am convinced that Faroe Islands’ fish farming is the smartest in the whole wide world,” he argues, adding that, “if our product withstands Faroe Islands weather, it will endure anywhere. We have the worst weather in the entire world.”

JT electric, a Kambsdalur-based company, began as a local company, but has developed on a par with the fish farming industry.

“Now we’re going “all in” on fish farming. We’re expanding beyond our country’s borders…JT electric is a “full service supplier” to the fish farming industry, which has its main focus on the feeding system, explains Justinussen.

Mr. Justinussen points out that the extreme weather conditions in the Faroe Islands are no longer a major obstacle for fish farmers.

“…It helps considerably being able to remote feed on shore,” says Mr. Justinussen, adding “previously, if we didn’t get out to the farm site for several days, due to bad weather, the salmon lost weight. But look at how things are here now. When we’re unable to get out to the sites, then we feed from here on land.”



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