Famous Faroese photographer: Taking nude photos of women fascinates me

Miriam & Janus Photography is looking for several hundred women, aged 20 or older, for a nude photography book, co-owner Gvøðny Miriam Gunnarsson told Kvf´s GMF (Good morning Faroe Islands) this morning.

The last couple of years Gvøðny Miriam Gunnarsson has taken a lot of nude photos of women – and it fascinates her.

– Had I known how to draw when I was a litte girl, I would not have done nothing but drawing naked women. And having been a photographer for a few years, the idea of a nude photography book has been on my mind. A book where I also explain why I think it is important to be in a society where you can freely express yourself in this way.

– I categorize a lot of the photos I´m taking as nude. The photos depict the woman’s beauty without her wearing anything at all – neither make up nor clothes, Gunnarsson told GMF today.

Several women have already contacted Gunnarsson but she still wants more women – Faroese as well as foreign – to get in touch with her.

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