Everything’s not so rosy in the garden of Eden as MP labels party colleague ‘a big egoist and psychopath’

Cracks have seemingly appeared within the Republican Party (Tjóðveldi).

At a Republican Party conference in the village of Hov, MP Annita á Fríðriksmørk was overheard attacking Mr. Speaker of the Faroese parliament & party colleague Mr. Páll á Reynatúgvu.

Ms. Fríðriksmørk said that Mr. Reynatúgvu is a big egoist and psychopath. She also pointed out that Mr. Reynatúgvu has deleted her as a friend on Facebook.

“Actually, he has deleted everyone who has aired their opinion about him. He has deleted almost all Repulican Party members on Facebook,” Ms. Fríðriksmørk said during a break.

Tjóðveldi forgot to (or did not) turn off the microphone during this particular break, and thats when Ms. Fríðríksmørk made her controversial remark.

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News.fo broke the story earlier today. The aforementioned Republican party conference took place yesterday and was broadcast live on Youtube.

Earlier this week, Mr. Reynatúgvu lashed out at an ordinary Faroe Islander who apparently seemed to imply that Mr. Reynatúgvu suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

The ordinary Faroe Islander asked in the comment section of an article “whether he (Mr. Speaker) suffers from paranoid schizophrenia” (Lider han af paranoid skizofreni).

Mr. Reynatúgvu did not appear to take this insult lightly and stated that he is fed up with this particular sort of backbiting.

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Since 2015 the Republican Party has been in government together with the Social Democrats (Javnaðarflokkurin) and Progress (Framsókn).

Elections to the Faroese parliament will be held later this year.

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