Environmental fashion: A tour to the second hand stores in the heart of the Faroe Islands – Blue Cross, Picture Gallery

Maybe you feel that if you don’t wear all the trendy items on the market, then you won’t fit in or look as good as your peers.

But if you actually decide to work on your own style regardless of the usage or the value of the clothes, then you will realize what fashion is all about – but, however, with a more conscious perspective, it has to be noted.

Today, we will take you on a tour to Blái Krossur (Blue Cross), a second hand store situated in Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

Blue Cross is a voluntary non-profit organization based on Christian values. It has its roots in the Lutheran evangelical church and fights for a drug free society. It assists people in recovering from drug abuse and drug-related problems through treatment and follow-up programs.

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Blái Krossur Føroya (Blue Cross Faroe Islands) was established in 1904 and includes one treatment center, tree residential institutions and five second hand stores across the country. The stores can be found in Tórshavn, Saltangará and Miðvágur.

Ida Í Kálvalíð is an volunteer at Blue Cross: “There are approximately 80 volunteers helping out in the second hand store. They classify the clothes they will sell in the Faroe Islands and the rest is sent to Germany to help people in need. Many containers are dispatched every year”, Ms. Kálvalíð explains.

Globally 20% of textiles are recycled, meaning that the other 80% are lost to landfill or incineration. Thus, creating your own style while cooperating with the environment, charity and to your own pocket is also a good way to look good.

According to Ida Í Kálvalíð, most of the kids’ clothes are brand new.

“The kids did not fit them when they tried them out, so the parents decided to donate them instead,” says Ms. Kálvalíð.

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