Effo gas stations are getting a brand new look

The Effo gas stations are about to undergo some serious changes. All the company’s gas stations are getting a brand new look, and the name “Fast” will be no more.

– Although the company is over 100 years old, we need to keep developing and strengthening the company and our costumer service, and these changes are a part of that process, says Janus Thomsen, CEO.

The first stations to undergo these new changes will be the ones in Saltangará, Klaksvík and Skálafjørður. On Friday afternoon the first updated station is opening its doors in Saltangará – with a better selection and with better conditions for costumers. The following stations will receive an upgrade this spring. All stations will remain open during this time.

Aside from a better selection and better conditions, staff will also receive new uniforms, and the old ones will be donated to the Red Cross.

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