B36 to participate in Dana Cup

B36 Football Club has a long tradition of sending their youth teams outside of the country to take part in tournaments. The first teams were sent abroad in the start of the 80’s.

They have participated in different tournaments in Denmark and in 1988 B36 took part in the Dana Cup Hjørring for the very first time. Since 2013 they have participated every year with many teams and again here in 2019 they are registered with 3 youth teams.

There are many reasons why B36 have become yearly visitors to the Dana Cup.

Geographically the tournament is situated perfect with ferry connections between the Faroe Islands and Hirtshals in Denmark. The organization of the tournament is very satisfactory and when the framework is perfect, it is easy and convenient to return again and again.

– The most important thing for us, however, is that the Dana Cup with its size and diversity guarantees a great experience – sportswise and socially. Players can test themselves against teams of different levels and meeting different nationalities matures our players as human beings, says B36 in a press release.

The tournament will start with a collective march into Nord Energi Arena on Monday the 22nd of July at 7.30 pm.

The teams are dealed into groups of 4 or possibly 5 teams, with each team meeting each other.

The second round will operate on a knock out basis. The first and second ranked teams from the first rounds will play in the second round A, while the remaining teams will play in the second round B.

Finals in the 7-a-side classes will be played on Friday, the A finals in classes G 19, G 17 and G 13 and the B-finals in classes G19 and G13. All other finals will be played on Saturday.

Teams who are participating in the Dana Cup have the opportunity to win medals and beautiful trophies.

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