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Elin Brimheim Heinesen


The Global Disney-World

Many accuse the Faroese of being sick barbaric psychopaths for killing the whales. But the Faroese believe that their practice is perfectly environmentally sound and that it is the world out there, which has gone mad. In their opinion the world needs to learn from the Faroese much more than the other way round.


Dear Anonymous Hacktivists (and everyone else)

Once again I’ve been named an “advocate” of the pilot whaling. I have never said that I supported pilot whaling unconditionally. On the contrary. I myself have advocated – mostly in articles written in Faroese to the Faroese public – for stopping the killing, IF it is not possible to continue this tradition on a sustainable and non-commercial basis.


Senseless Terrorizing Murderous Dolphin Killers?

Some people outside the Faroes think that Faroese people are senseless primitive murderous inbred drunken brutal beasts who once a year kill thousands of intelligent dolphins for fun as a ‘coming of age ritual’ just to leave most of the whales to rot on the beach and feeding the rest of the poisonous meat to their innocent children.


Opinion: Media Whale Warfare

I’m absolutely opposed to unnecessary cruelty and the killing of animals just ‘for fun’ or as part of a ‘ritual’. If this really was the case in regard to pilot whaling in the Faroes, I would be against it. I know for a fact it’s not. Regardless of what some might claim.

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