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Restaurant KOKS retains Michelin star

“We’ve absolutely delighted to have retained our Michelin star,” says chef Poul Andrias Ziska. 2018 will mark an exciting time for the restaurant, as it moves to a new location in the Faroe Islands.


Living costs increase

Prices in the Faroe Islands have gone up again. The general price levels increased by 0.9% in the first quarter of 2018 compared to a year ago. In the past year, prices increased in all major categories except ‘Leisure & Culture’ and ‘Communications’.


Captain secretly helped police

Faroese captain of Greenlandic trawler collaborated secretly with Icelandic police in murder case of 20-year-old woman. This news comes after the Guardian published a feature based on an interview with the Icelandic head of the investigation leader.


Faroese seaweed and Norwegian enzymes at Bioeconomy Summit

Large-scale cultivation of seaweed off the Faroe Islands is attracting international interest at the moment. The product also has benefits for the marine environment. It is one of the examples of Nordic bio-based industries on display at the Global Bioeconomy Summit in Berlin, April 19–20.


Nordics to lead the way against match fixing

The Nordic Region should be the first part of the world where countries work together across borders to wipe out match fixing. This was announced by the Committee for Knowledge and Culture at the Nordic Council Theme Session in Iceland on Tuesday.

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