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Renew your prescriptions

People are advised to renew their prescriptions early because the contract with the General Practitioners’ Association is due to expire soon.


Busy times at the pharmacy

Tjaldurs Apotek pharmacy in Tórshavn received far more prescriptions on Wednesday than it normally does. This came after the chairman of the General Practitioners’ Association on Wednesday advised people to prepare for a possible strike and stock up on their prescription medication.


Fighting climate change with seaweed

Faroese company Ocean Rainforest aims to combat climate change by cleaning the ocean using seaweed. Ocean Rainforest, established in 2007, is one of the few companies in the world that seeds, cultivates and harvests seaweed on a commercial scale in offshore conditions.


Speed limit for ships and boats near land

From now until 31 August, ships and boats less than 500 metres from land in Nólsoy, Skúvoy and Mykines must go no faster than 8 mph. Sea traffic can disturb birdlife, and it is hoped that the new speed limit will help combat this.

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