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Atlantic’s direct Vagar-New York flights start next year

Faroese national airline Atlantic Airways has applied to US aviation regulators for an exemption and foreign air carrier permit authorizing it to engage in scheduled and charter flights from the Faroe Islands to the United States and beyond, reports Aviator.

Atlantic Airways intends to utilize an A320neo aircraft in a 180-seat configuration for the service, with initial scheduled seasonal service between Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands and the New York City area beginning in late summer 2019, writes Aviator.

The government of Denmark is expected to authorize similar services for a US carrier under the Open Skies Agreement.

Local.fo revealed in July that Atlantic Airways wants to launch a couple of direct flights from the Faroe Islands to New York City sometime next year.

Local.fo wrote back then that “it is understood that the national airline of the Faroe Islands is indeed on track with its plans for flights between Vágar Airport and New York City.”

In recent years, Atlantic Airways has opened (summer) routes from the Faroes to Mallorca, Barcelona, Lisboa and Malta. The ambitious airline has also opened a winter route to Gran Canaria.

Earlier this week, the Faroese national airline announced that it will start flying from the Faroe Islands to Paris in July 2019.


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