‘Atlantic Airways could become the Icelandair of the Faroe Islands and make the Faroes the next stopover destination’

According to Simple Flying, Atlantic Airways will start offering nonstop service between the Faroe Islands and New York City this fall.

Simple Flying points out that there is a good chance that Atlantic Airways could become the Icelandair of the Faroe Islands and, at the same time, make the Faroe Islands the next stopover destination.

The website argues that it is very possible that some people would like to travel from their home airport to New York with a stopover on the Faroe Islands and vice versa.

“As a matter of fact, Atlantic Airways might do the same thing Icelandair and Wow Air did. Icelandic Icelandair and Wow Air both pioneered the stopover model. As a matter of fact, because of the two airlines, Iceland has become one of the fastest growing transatlantic markets. Additionally, Iceland as a country has seen a huge increase in tourism,” writes Simple Flying.

In recent years, Atlantic Airways has opened (summer) routes from the Faroes to Mallorca, Barcelona and Lisboa. The ambitious airline has also opened a winter route to Gran Canaria.

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Last December, the Faroese national airline announced that it will start flying from the Faroe Islands to Paris in July 2019.

The airlines’ other destinations include Billund, Aalborg, Edinburgh, Bergen, Reykjavík and Copenhagen.

Atlantic Airways has not yet confirmed the new route between the Faroe Islands and New York City. initially broke the news that Atlantic Airways wants to launch a couple of direct flights from the Faroe Islands to New York City sometime this year.

Read more: Atlantic Airways wants to launch direct flights from the Faroe Islands to New York City wrote last July that “it is understood that the national airline of the Faroe Islands is indeed on track with its plans for flights between Vágar Airport and New York City.”

A high profile Atlantic Airways representative told at the time – rather bizarrely, it has to be said – that he knew nothing about the plans to launch flights to America. However, he also stated that Atlantic Airways is constantly looking to add new destinations to their route network.

In December, Atlantic Airways CEO Ms. Jóhanna á Bergi confirmed the news that Atlantic Airways has applied for permission to operate Vágar-New York City service.

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Ms. Bergi told Kringvarp Føroya that it is true that Atlantic Airways has filed for permission to fly to New York City.

Ms. Bergi stated that “the plan is to make a couple of flights to New York City next fall – around 4-6 flights all in all, one flight per week.”

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