Americans are flocking to the Faroes

Guðrið Højgaard, director at Visit Faroe Islands, was very pleased that Peter Greenberg chose to recommend the Faroe Islands.

When Peter Greenberg, travel editor at CBS News, went on ”CBS This Morning: Saturday” earlier this month to talk about which destinations are likely to be the most popular this year, he recommended Malta, Portugal and the Faroe Islands.

It is estimated that the television program was watched by more than 3 million Americans.

Guðrið Højgaard, director of Visit Faroe Islands, was very pleased that Peter Greenberg chose to recommend the Faroe Islands.

– Visit Faroe Islands has been in touch with Peter Greenberg for some time and we have tried to persuade him to come to the Faroe Islands, but his program is very expensive (to produce), and Visit Faroe Islands cannot afford to pay for such references, Højgaard told Faroese news site

However, she added that…

– Visit Faroe Islands is still in touch with US media and it was very pleasant that he (Greenberg) chose to mention the Faroe Islands even though we had not paid him to do so. And even though we are still unknown, we have noticed an unmistakable interest and a big growth as the Faroe Islands are still an unwritten tale that has not been told, Højgaard explained.

In 2016 at least 3.300 Americans travelled to the Faroe Islands, according to performance data (Cruise travellers are not included in that figure).

5% of the people travelling to the Faroe Islands in 2016 were Americans.

However, Visit Faroe Islands does not emphasize spending much time and energy on marketing in the US. Instead, its main focus is Europe. According to Guðrið Højgaard this has nothing to with America not being interesting.

– If we had more money for marketing we would put greater emphasis on America as Americans fit well into Scandinavian destinations. They are easygoing and spend much money, Højgaard claims.

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