93% of the Tórshavn-Eysturoy subsea tunnel has now been bored

According to P/F Eystur- og Sandoyartunlar, 93% of the Tórshavn-Eysturoy subsea tunnel (Eysturoyartunnilin) has now been bored.

137 meters of the undersea tunnel were bored last week.

Overall, 10.708 meters out of 11.250 meters have now been bored – 5.036 meters from Hvítanes on the island of Streymoy, 1.979 meters from the roundabout towards Hvítanes and 2.068 meters from the roundabout towards Rókini on the island of Eysturoy.

The tunnel will open to the public in December 2020.

The tunnel will shorten the travel distance from Tórshavn to Runavík/Strendur from 55 kilometres to 17 kilometres. The 64 minute drive will be shortened to 16 minutes. The drive from Tórshavn to Klaksvík will be shortened from 68 minutes to 36 minutes.

The tunnel will connect both sides of the bay of Skálafjørður using two tunnels that connect to a roundabout under the seabed at mid-bay. The tunnel will be 2.2 kilometers long from the main road at Rókini in Saltnes to the roundabout, and the distance from Sjógv at Strendur to the roundabout will be 1.7 kilometers.

The main tunnel from Tórshavn to the roundabout will be 7.5 kilometers and will resurface by the village of Hvítanes. In order to increase safety, no inclination in the tunnel is steeper than 5 per cent and the lowest point is 187 meters below the water’s surface.

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