26 pilot whales killed in Borðoyavík

26 pilot whales were killed in Borðoyavík on the island of Borðoy tonight, reports

According to Sheriff Karl Johansen, the small pod of whales will be shared between those who participated in the hunt.

Mr. Johansen adds that the hunt went well.

Borðoyavík is of one of the new ”pilot whale bays” in the Faroe Islands, and this is only the second time a killing has taken place in the bay.

Earlier this year, around 150 pilot whales were killed on Gøtuvík Beach on Eysturoy.

According to the Faroese government, around 1,700 pilot whales and white-sided dolphins were caught in 2017.

The Faroese government states that whale meat and blubber of pilot whales have long been a valued part of the Faroes’ national diet and is hunting sustainable.

”Catches are shared largely without the exchange of money among the participants in a whale drive and residents of the local district where they are landed,” it says.

”Each whale provides the communities with several hundred kilos of meat and blubber – meat that otherwise had to be imported from abroad.”

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