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New boutique hotel opens in Tórshavn

An increase in demand for hotel beds has resulted in the opening of a new boutique hotel in Tórshavn – and there are plans to build two new hotels in the capital by 2020. Havgrím Seaside Hotel is the newest addition to the list of accommodation options in the Faroe Islands.


Hackers took down with DDoS attack

If you had trouble accessing early Thursday morning, the problem wasn't on your end. It appears hackers have taken aim at following the Gøtuvík Beach whale slaughter earlier this week.


Faroese art exhibited at Nordic Museum in Seattle

Twenty-five glass birds by Faroese painter, sculptor and glass artist, Tróndur Patursson, were on display as the new Nordic Museum opened in Seattle, USA, in early May. The museum is the largest in the United States to honour the legacy of immigrants from five Nordic countries.


Mike and the Whales – How did it go out there?

How has the international audience reacted to and received the documentary The Islands and The Whales? The director Mike Day will screen the film in The Film Society at Havnar Bio with following discussion at the Paname Café.


150 whales killed on Gøtuvík beach today

Around 150 pilot whales were killed today on the beach in the village Gøta (Gøtuvík) on Eysturoy. Faroese news webpage writes that the killings went fast and well and that many people came to the beach to witness the killings.